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One of the most frequently offered advice financial planners give their clients is to save money. Unfortunately, despite the obvious importance of saving money, most of us do not know how much to save or how to save.

It’s not easy to understand how much money to put away each paycheck, how much is needed for an emergency fund, or where to invest the money. Creating a household budget is a great first step, as long as you know how to set one up.


Perhaps the biggest long-term benefit of saving money is financial security. Setting money aside removes the concern about paying for emergency or unexpected expenses such as a medical bill or much needed home repair. It can also help us realize the dream of a new car, home, or paying for a child’s college education.

Investing and personal finance calculators can add clarity to saving money goals. They can help you better understand budgeting, how much money is needed in a rainy day fund, and how much you need to save today to pay for a future expense.

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A Simple Sales Tax Calculator: Computes the tax owed when a consumer purchases certain goods or services.Capital Asset Pricing Model Calculator: Calculates the theoretically appropriate rate of return on an asset such as a company’s common stock.
Return on Investment Calculator: Quantifies a gain or loss on investment, as well as the overall return on investment (ROI) and annualized ROI.Stock Option Value Calculator: Estimates the potential future value of stock options granted by your employer.
Profitability Index Calculator: Determines the profitability index of an investment along with the present value of cash flows and net present value of money.Bond Yield Calculator: Finds both a bond’s current yield and its yield to maturity.
Black-Scholes Calculator: Helps investors to estimate the rational price of a European call or put option.Taxable-Equivalent Yield Calculator: Estimates a bond’s taxable-equivalent yields that range from tax-free to fully-taxable.
Risk Tolerance and Asset Allocation Calculator: Estimates the percentage of an investment portfolio held in common stock, bonds, and cash based on a risk tolerance score.Discounted Payback Calculator: Determines both simple payback as well as discounted payback for an investment. 
Debt and Leverage Ratio Calculator: Determines several fundamental debt and leverage ratios from information on the balance sheet and income statement. DuPont Equation Calculator: Conducts a DuPont analysis, which consists of ROA, ROE, profitability, asset efficiency, and financial leverage metrics.
Time Value of Money Calculator: Performs two time value of money, or TVM, calculations: future value and present values.Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculator: Determinse a company’s weighted average cost of capital, also referred to as WACC.
Cash Conversion Cycle Calculator: Determines a company’s cash conversion cycle, also referred to as CCC.Return on Invested Capital Calculator: Determines a company’s return on invested capital, also referred to as ROIC. 
Emergency Savings Calculator: Determines how much savings you should have in case of an emergency.Intrinsic Value Calculator: Determines the intrinsic value of a common stock, or equity, which is a technique pioneered by Benjamin Graham about one hundred years ago.
Liquidity Ratios Calculator: Determines several liquidity ratios of a business based on information appearing on the balance sheet.Profitability Ratios Calculator: Determines several profitability ratios of a business based on information appearing on the income statement.
Market Ratios Calculator: Estimates the four most common market ratios, including earnings per share (EPS), PEG ratio, and dividend yieldRisk of Ruin Calculator: This calculator provides an estimate of an investor’s, or gambler’s, risk of ruin (ROR), sometimes referred to as the probability of ruin.
Efficiency Ratios Calculator: Using information from the balance sheet and income statement, this calculator provides an estimate of the five most common efficiency ratiosPerpetuity and Growing Perpetuity Calculator: This calculator is designed to provide the user with the present value of either a perpetuity or growing perpetuity.
Tip or Gratuity Calculator: Our online tip calculator boasts an array of user-friendly features, catering to all your tipping needs.Investment Growth Calculator: In the realm of financial planning, understanding how your investments can grow over time is essential for making informed decisions.
Future Inflation Calculator: We’ll walk you through the process of using this future inflation calculator to gain a clearer perspective on how inflation might affect your finances.Real Rate of Return Calculator: This versatile tool designed to help you assess your investment’s true growth by accounting for inflation
Household Expense Breakdown Calculator: A powerful tool designed to provide you with insights into how your annual after-tax income may be allocated across various expense categories.Health Savings Account Contribution Calculator: Explains the importance of HSA contributions, how to use our calculator, and highlights the advantages of optimizing contributions.

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