Our collection of healthcare and life insurance calculators.


Inadequate insurance coverage leaves loved ones exposed to high healthcare costs and the potential loss of an important source of income. This holds true for individuals and families that are both uninsured and underinsured.

Life insurance can be especially confusing since a buyer must not only figure out how much insurance to purchase, but also select between term, whole, and universal life policies.


Fortunately, buying adequate life or medical insurance does not have to be a confusing or complex topic. And while no plan is foolproof, there are some simple rules of thumb everyone can follow to lower the risk of being underinsured.

Healthcare and life insurance calculators can help remove some of the uncertainty surrounding buying insurance. By taking into consideration income gaps or future expenses, a family can avoid falling into debt, adequately fund college expenses, and achieve a more secure future.

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If there is anyone dependent on your income – parents, children, relatives – you need life insurance.

Suze Orman, American financial advisor