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Buying a home may be the single largest purchase you will make in your lifetime. And since most of us will borrow money to help pay for the home, it is an extremely important financial decision too. One that might influence our lifestyle for fifteen to thirty years.

While the flexibility lenders offer homebuyers might be to the consumer’s benefit, the large array of offerings – conventional, fixed rate, adjustable rate, jumbo, balloon, VA, and USDA loans – can add to the confusion.  For those looking to refinance their home, the choices might also include cash-out, rate-and-term, and cash-in variations too.


Given the commitment you will make to a home purchase, or the money borrowed to refinance a home, spending some time calculating monthly payments under different scenarios is a good idea. For example, a thirty-year mortgage will result in lower monthly payments, but you will be making twice as many payments as a fifteen-year loan. And while the amount of principal repaid might be the same, the interest on the loan will likely be a lot higher on the thirty-year loan.

That is where crunching the numbers can help a homebuyer to quantify the impact of each choice.  Our mortgage and refinancing calculators can also provide insights into a variety of repayment scenarios – such as making an extra payment periodically to shorten the life of the loan.

Links to our calculators:

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Pay off a Mortgage Calculator: Determine how quickly a mortgage can be paid off by making extra payments each month.How Much Home Can I Afford: Helps potential home buyers figure out their maximum affordable mortgage.
A Mortgage Points Calculator: Determines if buying points is worth the upfront investment.Blended Rate Mortgage Calculator: Determines the blended interest rate when a second mortgage is taken out on a home.
Balloon Mortgage Calculator: Estimates the “balloon” payment due at the conclusion of a balloon mortgage.Mortgage Comparison Calculator: Makes a side-by-side comparison of three different mortgages of various lengths and interest rates.
A Simple Monthly Mortgage Calculator: Used by a prospective homeowner to estimate the monthly payments due on a home loan or mortgage.Escrow Balance Calculator: Estimates the deposits that may have to be made into an escrow account to pay for things like property taxes, flood and homeowners insurance.
HELOC Payment Calculator: Estimates a borrower’s monthly home equity line of credit, or HELOC, payments.Biweekly Mortgage Calculator: Estimates the saving a biweekly mortgage payment provides versus a typical monthly payment pattern.
Refinancing a Mortgage Calculator: Figures out the potential savings associated with refinancing a loan or mortgage. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Calculator: Projects or estimates the monthly payments, and potential interest rates associated with an adjustable-rate mortgage.
Mortgage Hidden Fees Calculator: Figures out the total of all costs in a mortgage charged to the borrower by a lender.Option Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator: Estimates the monthly payments available through an option adjustable rate mortgage, also known as an option ARM.
Property Tax Calculator: Compares estimates of the property taxes paid on two homes in two distinct locations in the United States. Reverse Mortgage Balance Calculator: Develops estimates of the balance of a reverse mortgage over time.
Rent Versus Buy a Home Calculator: Estimates the cost of renting a home versus buying a home.

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Refinancing your mortgage usually makes sense if you can lower your interest rate by at least two points. But the most important question to ask yourself is, how long will it take you to break even?

Barbara Corcoran, American businesswoman