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While we would all like to enjoy a relaxing and satisfying retirement, doing so comes at a cost. Retiring means leaving your job, which could bring with it the worry of paying for health care. Unfortunately, living a healthy retirement also brings with it another worry – outliving your savings.

Supplemental sources of income, like Social Security in the United States, can help ease the burden of paying for living expenses, but to really enjoy those senior years, we need additional sources of income too. Finally, financial security means having little, or no debt, to pay back once retired.

PENSIONS, iRA, ROTH, 401(K), 403(B)

At one time, companies offered employees generous pension plans that would ensure a comfortable retirement, but those days are all but over. Fortunately, we can take advantage of several alternatives – some of which are also tax advantaged. Larger companies and government agencies will typically encourage employees to participate in 401(k) and 403(b) plans as well as their Roth counterparts.

Small business owners and self-employed individuals may be able to set up a Keogh plan to help pay for expenses in retirement. Finally, traditional and Roth IRAs offer everyone with income the opportunity to set money aside for the future. Regardless of the savings mechanism, understanding how much to save and creating a plan will help make those retirement dreams come true – and that’s where our calculators can help.

Links to our calculators:

How to Save a Million Calculator: Can help you figure out how much you need to save each month to reach that goal.Retirement Funding Calculator: For anyone that wants to understand how much they need to save each year to reach a retirement fund goal.
Retirement Withdrawal Rate Calculator: Estimates monthly and annual income in retirement.Fixed Income Annuity Calculator: Estimate the income stream generated from an annuity.
Social Security Benefits Calculator: Figures out if someone should delay Social Security (in the United States) or the benefits from any other retirement plan.Roth IRA Funds Calculator: Estimates the funds in a Roth IRA at retirement and the potential annual income generated by those funds.
Roth versus Traditional IRA Calculator: Can be helpful to individuals planning for retirement to compare a Roth IRA to both a before and after-tax Traditional IRA.CSRS Annuity Calculator: Estimates the annual annuity payments made to participants in the Civil Service Retirement System, or CSRS.
FERS Annuity Calculator: Estimates the annual annuity payments made to participants in the Federal Employees Retirement System, or FERS.CSRS Special Provision Annuity Calculator: Estimates the annual annuity payments made to special retirement provision employees in the Civil Service Retirement System, or CSRS.
Compound Interest Calculator: Can be used model and view the effects of compounding on both interest rates and the growth of a retirement portfolio.Retirement Income Calculator: Models various scenarios involving retirement funds and the income generated from those funds.
Early Retirement Calculator: Estimates the amount of money to save each month and the assets required to retire early.Social Security Benefit Reduction Calculator: Estimates the reduction in Social Security benefits of both the primary and spouse beneficiary that occur when receiving benefits before the normal retirement age.
Portfolio Withdrawal Success Calculator: Estimates the ability of a portfolio to last longer than a payout period – both with and without inflation – at a given withdrawal rate.Retirement Guidance Calculator: Provides an estimate of retirement savings targets versus age of the user. Improves upon an approach outlined by Fidelity Investments.
Retirement Savings Calculator:
This calculator is designed to provide the user with a view of the income and assets required to achieve their retirement income target.
Future Value Annuity Calculator: This calculator is designed to provide the user with a view of the future value of a retirement fund and three annuities financed with this money.
Annuity Balance Calculator: This calculator can help investors determine the remaining value of their annuity as well as the annual payment received from the annuity.Required Minimum Distribution Calculator: This calculator can estimate required minimum distribution from a Traditional IRA to avoid tax penalties imposed by the IRS.
Simple Pension Value Calculator: Our simple pension value calculator provides you with a hassle-free way to estimate your potential pension based on your years of service, final average salary, and multiplier choices.Monthly Pension vs Lump Sum Calculator: This tool was developed to help you make well-informed decisions by comparing a monthly pension versus opting for a lump sum payment
Advanced Retirement Income Calculator: Our retirement income calculator is a powerful tool designed to help you estimate the income you’ll need during your retirement years.Retirement Length Calculator: Retirement planning is a journey that requires careful consideration, and at the heart of this journey is a fundamental question: How long will your retirement last?
How Long Will My Money Last Calculator: Understanding the longevity of your savings is essential for making informed financial decisions.Downsizing Your Home Calculator: Learn about the importance of downsizing your home and the financial benefits it can bring.
Financial Independence Retire Early Calculator: We explore the FIRE concept, explain how to use our calculator, and discuss the steps to reach financial independence and early retirement.

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Smart financial planning — such as budgeting, saving for emergencies, and preparing for retirement — can help households enjoy better lives while weathering financial shocks.

Ben Bernanke, former Federal Reserve Chairperson