Finally Launching – Please be Patient

It is a lot harder than it looks

When I wrote the vision statement for Crunchopedia, I meant every word. I want every visitor to this website to say to themselves “This is the place for online calculators.” I want the calculators to be both useful and easy to use. The idea seems easy enough, but making sure visitors are thrilled with their experience is challenging.

The calculators need to be able to provide the right functionality and be responsive on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Of course we also want search engines to send us visitors, so we also need to follow their guidelines, which means making sure pages load quickly and as flawlessly as possible. These are the technical challenges I hope to overcome in the next several weeks to months (hopefully not months).

And I have a lot of ideas

I have just under one hundred ideas for calculators – across all six categories. But I will launch with only one online until I can deliver on all of the above promises. Until then, please do have patience and consider bookmarking this site. If I am not able to deliver on these promises for some reason, I will close up shop – but given my track record I do not think that will happen – but only time will tell.

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